Saab vs. Parenthood

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從醫院回家的路上,車上載著J還有剛出生的小娃,雙手比平常還要謹慎的握住Saab 9-5 SportWagon Aero的方向盤,突然想到很久以前SAAB汽車的一則平面廣告。

大約是1990年代末期,在Outside雜誌看到一系列的SAAB VS廣告,其中一個Saab vs. Parenthood,廣告內文是

The individual becomes a parent. The parent requires a new car to satisfy the needs of the child. The pure joy of driving is sacrificed for space and safety. But what if the car is a Saab 9-5 Wagon? With five separate storage compartments for a child's playthings. Antisubmarining seats designed to prevent children from sliding under seat belts. And, what's this? A turbocharged engine. Perhaps one car can accommodate both the child and the individual who becomes a parent.

從個人成為父母。父母需要一部新車來滿足小孩的需求。單純的駕駛樂趣因為車子空間和安全考量而犧牲了。但是,如果那部車是Saab 9-5 Wagon呢?車上有五個個別的小隔間來收納小孩的玩具。防淺滑座椅防止兒童從安全帶下面滑出。還有,這是什麼?一具渦輪增壓引尋。或許,一台可提供小孩和父母雙方需求的車。


Saab United網站有保存全系列的Saab vs廣告海報的圖文

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