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資料庫FileMaker軟體公司今天推出多用途的個人資料庫管理軟體Bento免費試用版,系統需求為Mac OS X Leopard,有興趣的人可以到這裡下載試用90天。� �計上市時間是2008年1月,單機版定價為49美金,家庭版是99美金。

Bento的介面類似iTune。第一次執行Bento,會自動輸入iCal和Address Book裡面的資料。內建20多種資料管理樣本。可以輸出CSV,Excel和Numbers檔案。



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Never have I seen so many blind people in one spot. This is not a Rep. or Dem. problem, but a us VS. them problem. You are so worried about socialism that you do not see what is in truth waiting on us. It will make socialism look like the best Gov. ever. Concentration camps waiting on any that oppose them is a good place to start your research. Then truly read about the beginning of the Fed and how so many super rich and politicians all over the world have been speaking of the one world order ever since. Take time to put the puzzle together and then know that the only way to fight this is to unite as Americans and not as a party, Rep. or Dem.

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